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We have always tried to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.  We have been involved with CAD/CAM since 1997.  We use it everyday  because it has  improved our efficiency, turnaround and quality.   

CAD/CAM has been used with great success to design AK sockets. Capturing a BK shape and volume has not been as successful. In our opinion, the problem lies with the shape capture hardware. We have two different solutions. The first is...

The OMEGA® Structure Sensor
It is the most low-cost access to CAD available!!
We use TracerCad as our  primary  shape modification software.   We will be happy to modify your shapes using our software and your template.  
Shape Modification
Provel Carver
Provel D2 Digitizer
Benefits of modifying your shape using a CAD system  over traditional plaster work are: 

  • Changes are recorded and saved, instead of broken out and thrown in the trash.  
  • Recorded changes can be used to enhance your documentation procedures.
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 We have found that  digitizing casts and/or sockets has enabled practitioners to capture their patient's shape with accuracy and reliability--better than most capture hardware that is on the market today. 

Learn how you can start using this technology today...
The second solution we have to help you overcome the shape capturing dilemma is through digitizing. 
The most cost effective and efficient way to capture lower extremity shapes without spending thousands on expensive cad equipment

Here's how easy it is...

1.  Buy an iPad.  
2.  Purchase the Structure Sensor through us      for only $400!
3.  Download 2 apps and attach the Sensor to      the iPad. 
5.  Start scanning. 
6.  Email the shapes to us and we will fabricate to your specifications.

Very short learning curve! 

Watch two short video’s and that's all the training you need!