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Although we feel technology is very important, it alone will not make our interaction with the practitioner successful. The ability to fabricate using different materials and techniques is vital to the process.  We have the knowledge of modification techniques and available componentry to work with the practitioner to design the prosthesis that will fit the patient's needs. 
The layups for our laminates are consistent and time tested. We offer a wide range of materials for inserts and interfaces as well as thermoplastics for evaluation, preparatory and definitive sockets.
 We have seven jigs in our transfer station and are well schooled and experienced in transferring alignments. Any device that comes in that needs to be put in a jig is measured and a toe-out reading is taken. It is then locked in. We have worked with and are trained in the proper set up of most feet, knees and other componentry available on the market today.
We are very proficient in getting the most natural look to our foam covers. 
We carry open cell foam and plastizote covers. Our custom spray skins can be made removable and non removable. 
Our skins are more durable than most pull-on skins on the market and have a better look because they are sprayed directly to a hose over the foam. So that the patient will not be without their prosthesis any longer than necessary, covers and/or skins that are fabricated at a later date than the socket are turned around as quickly as possible 
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